Home Staging Tips

7 Simple Home Staging Tips

Below you can read 7 simple home staging tips. If you are not seeing into hiring a home stager, then you will have to put in added stress to make your property look pleasant!

Home Staging Tips
  • Curb appeal: this is the prime thing that each person sees when they move by your home. If it is intriguing enough, it may bring in proposed buyers to book viewings for your home.
  • Clean, clean, clean: on open home days when prospective buyers come to see your property, it is vital that everything is squeaky spotless. Clean does not just mean vacuuming your carpet and scrubbing the bathroom, it involves getting to the root of everything – under the countertops, shower curtains, ceiling fans, etc., everything should be aesthetically charming.
  • Clear away the clutter: it is recommended to tidy and get rid of the clutter in your home. Whenever people view your house, a clean home is more appealing than one that is rumpled. An uncluttered home allows people to see the value in your home.
  • Depersonalize: removing those family pictures, children’s artwork etc from your walls or tallboys will allow viewers to visualise themselves living in your house. It will not make them feel like they are trespassing into someone’s home.
  • Remove odours: a house that stinks great makes it memorable. If you own any pets, air out the house to get rid of the odour and if possible, arrange for them to stay at a family or friend’s house or even send them to boarding. Placing automatic air freshener around the house will clearly help in getting rid of odour without too much trouble.
  • Minor repairs: make sure to make an effort in removing the punctured holes on the wall when you hung frames and pictures on it. Some buyers can be picky when it comes to these minor details and may negotiate for a lower price because of these minor defects.
  • Light it up: a smart bright and lit home makes it very welcoming and helps highlight the cleanliness of the home. Buyers see for light and bright so lighting lots of light is fabulous!

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The Bottom Line

The Bottom Line Even if you have plenty of money, don’t put too much money into the staging method. You want to maintain the home’s best characteristics, but keep in mind that what sells the home and what makes the home available for the buyer are not certainly the same thing. Overall, to get the most kick for your buck, your home staging endeavours should be designed to attract to the broadest likely range of buyers. The more people prepared to submit purchase proposals for your home, the higher the selling price will be.

Home staging comes with a cost but it can make a difference in the selling price of your home. Not all sellers stage their home so you will be at an advantage if you do. Getting your house ready to place it in the market is a lot of stress, but it is unquestionably worth the work rather than listing for less than you should and then lessening your price even more to sell.

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