home staging for auckland estate agents

Home Staging For Realtors

Home Staging For Realtors

Home staging for realtors in New Zealand has grown an industry-standard in diverse businesses because it is a compelling marketing medium that offers houses not only sell quicker but at higher than CV prices. While many real estate agents have embraced the habit of staging before they run open homes, many believe the converse, that they can sell their properties regardless of how they appear in photos and in reality.

If you fancy wasting time and cash, then, by all means, don’t get your property staged. But sincerely, who has time for that?

In New Zealand, we don’t have a body or organization that could collect the data of how long properties stay in the market and how much extra bucks they bring in if they are staged but we can always look into the National Association of REALTORS® (NAR) 2019 statistics to know that home staging is a proven benefit when marketing a home. Here are some exceptional statistics from the surveyed data:

  • 40% of buyers’ agents indicated that home staging transformed most buyer’s view of a property.
  • 83% of buyer’s agents answered that staging a home made it simpler for a buyer to envision the property as their future home.
  • 28% of sellers’ agents said they staged all seller’s properties prior to putting them in the market. 13% perceived that they only staged homes that were challenging to sell.
  • The most common spaces that were staged to sell involved the living room (93%), kitchen (84%), master bedroom (78%), and the dining room (72%).
  • A median of 10% of respondents indicated that buyers considered homes should look the way they were staged on TV shows.

Where do you settle in line with these statistics and numbers? Whether you believe them or not, let’s explain why, as a Realtor, you should collaborate with a home staging company.

A Home Stager Add-up More Value

When you incorporate home staging with your realtor’s services, you are instantly appending a value to your client’s experience with you and your team. This manifests that you are mindful about the whole home selling arrangement and not just the end result of what’s advancing in your pocket. By offering home staging you’re conveying a message to the sellers that you have a tremendous standard! So, stay a step ahead of the opposition by attempting to stage your clients’ properties or they may go with another real estate agent who does.

Home Staging Brings More Buyers

More than 95% of potential home buyers start their search on Trademe Property, homes.co.nz, realestate.co.nz and oneroof.co.nz, so it’s crucial to make sure your listings stand out among others listed properties. If our listed property is staged, possible buyers are more likely to take their interest from online to the open home. Staged homes will bring more buyers because those photos will be extra appealing to the buyer’s eyes.

Take a look through the photos of your current or past listings. What do your property images look like in contrast to others in the suburb? Did you just snap it on your smartphone a photo and post it or did you take the time to set the spaces up? Clever agents know to take the time to showcase each house in their list prior to booking in a professional property photographer.

Staging Yield Higher Pricing

When a home takes a long time on the market to sell, one of the first things modified is the asking price or reserve price, which usually takes a minimum of $10,000 off! Ouch…right? that not only hurts your vendor’s pockets but at the same time put your pocket in the same situation.

Every real estate agent knows that there are three important factors that drive how and when a property is sold

Both you and the vendor must price the property right. but it must also take into account how well a property is showcased and marketed.
It is very important that before your vendor is reducing the asking price, they must consider home staging first. The cost of staging is usually a very small part of a price reduction. Many times, home staging can truly save your vendor money or make even more for the vendor and for you both.

Home Stagers Can Become The “Bad Cop”

Don’t you dislike it when you have to play “bad cop” when you are with your vendor on your first listing appointment? There is always a fine line between trying to gain a client while trying to avoid those uncomfortable discussions that will repel clients is no easy job. Why risk the opportunity to represent the listing when mentioning:

“you need to get rid of the kitchen’s old school wallpaper”
“the purple carpet has to go in the dump”
“you need to remove the rubbish bins and take care of that stinks”
“your entire life’s collection and imagery has to be put away”

Get the point? At STAGY, we are expert in having conversations about fixing up a home as part of prepping for staging it. For them, we use unbiased guidance, which seldom means we become your very own “bad cop.”

Home Staging Can Market Your Brand
As a realtor, you know the significance of standing out. Competition is arduous and you require a plan to build and control your image and prestige.

Ask yourself: Do you want to be a mediocre real estate agent or are you endeavouring for distinction? The word “distinction” means to possess exceptional quality. Isn’t that what you want to sell to your potential clients? Do you want them to perceive that you will take the best care of their property properly while it is on the market?

“You can’t sell it if you can’t see it.”

We thought so. Here at STAGY, our homes are staged so they will photograph elegantly and effectively market themselves on Trademe Property Residential Sale, Homes, RealEstate and OneRoof. Our home staging will make sure each of your property listings glistens while on the Trademe Property. By staging and taking pride in your selling tactics, you will show how vehement and skilled you are about your real estate business.

Potential clients will take note of how you take control of your property listings. They’ll recognise how your listed homes are in pristine shape, sell swiftly, and in many cases over CV and asking price. Those results will make you a top competitor when they want to sell. Overall, you will not only look like a champion in your current property clients’ eyes, but you will be able to attract more leads from the suburb you work from and build a dependable brand all because you suggest all your clients home staging referrals.

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